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The Healthy Leader: Balancing Ministry and Self-Care

Lorena Valle, Todd Bolt, Matt Lankenau

In this session, we will explore the crucial topic of maintaining a healthy balance between ministry responsibilities and personal well-being. We will emphasize the significance of self-care for leaders in the ministry and provide practical strategies to foster personal growth while effectively serving others.

Making Room for God's Voice & the Prophetic

Kara Daniel

As believers, we are guided by the voice of God. In this session, we will discuss how to make room for the voice of God in your church and how to develop a healthy culture around the prophetic.

Unlocking the Potential of Business Leaders in Your Church

Steve Dulin

Kingdom Business Leaders Network (KBLN) is a program that equips churches to effectively reach and disciple business leaders and connect your top donors to the church. KBLN provides practical resources and tools to disciple business leaders, ultimately leading to greater growth, innovation, and effectiveness within your church. Gateway Business Leaders has been operating at Gateway Church for almost 10 years and has over 1,500 business owners in the program. Learn how you can bring this ministry to your church!

Worship: Stewarding a Healthy Song-Writing Culture

Hope Adams and Mark Harris
The Mix

Do you have a heart to write songs for your church or create a culture of songwriting but don't know where to start? In this workshop we will share vision and practical ways on how to cultivate a culture of songwriting within your church.

Leading Children's Ministry from Strength to Strength

Shawn Hyde
Tent B

Even with a clear calling, a well-defined strategy, and a strong passion driving you, the day in and day out of doing children’s ministry is hard. Are you in need of fresh wind in your sails and new fuel for your fire? Then join us as we walk through core truths and practical strategies that we believe will both inspire and empower you and your team to lead the children's ministry entrusted to you from strength to strength.

Women in Ministry

Bridgette Morris and Adana Wilson
Tent A

Join us for engaging discussion and practical insights from Pastor Bridgette Morris and Pastor Adana Wilson! We will come together and be encouraged as we navigate teams, volunteers, leadership, and what it looks like to carry out the vision of our churches through Women's Ministry.

Live Production: Stewarding the Atmosphere with a Healthy Culture

John Marques, Josh Hickman, Jarid Yankus, Austen Varian, Kristen Catella
Tent C

This workshop aims to highlight the significance of cultivating an environment that nurtures the spiritual growth, creativity, and technical excellence of the audio, video, and lighting teams.


Church Ops: Supporting Ministry through Effective Operations

Bobby Williams and Josh Talbot

In this workshop we’ll talk about the heart to create a guest experience that supports what the Lord is doing at our churches. We’ll talk through the health, execution, and development of an Operations team and cover what it looks like to create a volunteer culture in your Operations areas.

Mobilizing Men for Ministry: Identifying & Engaging Volunteer Leaders

Chris Griffin

All organizations rise and fall on leadership. In this session, we will discuss how to identify and raise up the leaders in your congregation that the Lord has anointed to help build your church and His kingdom.

How to Stay in Ministry When it's Hard

Thomas Miller
The Mix

Regardless of the career or calling, we all experience highs and lows. In this session, we will talk about how to remember our first love and how to hold the tension between that calling and the current circumstances.

Creating a Culture of Generosity in Your Church

David Thompson

How is your church doing in the area of generosity? The session will give you practical tips for engaging your staff in being open-handed and be a catalyst for your congregation to catch God's heart of generosity. Let’s break entitlement, destroy selfishness, and impart generosity. "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." - Proverbs 11:25

Reaching Students in Today's Culture

Jonah Coyne
Tent B

There is no question about it, with the culture we are living in, this next generation needs truth now more than ever. In this workshop we’ll talk about vision and culture building that reaches and disciples the next generation.

Building Strong Foundations: Healthy Church Government

Gayland Lawshe and Kevin Grove

Structures that last are built on strong foundations. During this workshop we will discuss the benefits of a healthy government, the role and responsibility of elders, as share about how elders fit into the organizational structure of the church.

Balancing Ministry & Marriage

Mark and Sandy Jobe
Tent A

Life gets crazy and time is valuable! If we are not careful, ministry can drain the very life out of us. How do we make sense of what gets the priority and what needs to wait? Let's talk about bringing balance to the challenges of ministry and marriage.

Pastoring and Developing a Healthy Worship Team

Austin Benjamin, Matthew Harris, Tracy Pratt, Levi Smith, Hope Adams
Tent C

In this workshop we will share what it looks like to be a worship and how we maintain a healthy worship culture, grow and develop others, and keep a standard of excellence in all we do.

Lunch 'N' Learns


Bridging the Gap from Incarceration to the Church

Stephen Wilson, Autumn Miles, Brandon Williams, Scott Graham
The Mix

From “Prison to the Pulpit” is a popular phrase from people leaving incarceration who want to serve inside their local church. How can the church show grace and acceptance to these individuals and still protect our organizations? Let’s discuss topics such as community partnerships, addiction recovery, housing, benevolence, counseling and our recently implemented registered sex-offender policy.

Help! I'm Married to a Pastor: A Pastors' Wives Forum

Debbie Morris and Panel

You are not alone! Find belonging and a place to connect as we share stories and answer questions about what it means to be married to a pastor.

Handling Hot Topics: Navigating Church Crisis & Tough Questions in Culture

Clint Lewis, Lawrence Swicegood, Kemtal Glasgow
Tent C

Join us as we create a space for church teams to ask questions about how to navigate these challenging situations from an internal, external, and pastoral perspective.

Building Great Volunteer Teams: Equipping People for the Work of the Ministry

Jeremy Meister, Wendell DePrang
Tent A

How do you empower your volunteers to minister to others? Let’s talk about building a culture of volunteer leadership in your church.

To the Jew First: Making God's Priorities our Priorities

Nic Lesmeister, Greg Stone, & David Blease
Tent B

Israel and the Jewish people have been a priority for Pastor Robert and Gateway Church since we began. Learn how we model this priority through ministry, trips to Israel, and relationship with the Jewish community.


Dos & Don'ts for Stewardship Capital Campaigns

Lawrence Swicegood and Lamar Slay
The Mix

Everything they didn't teach you in seminary about what to do, and more importantly what not to do when getting your church ready for raising money in a Stewardship Capital Campaign. We want to help you gain valuable insight into this process and give you the opportunity to ask the questions you need answers to!

How to be Empowered When You are Not in Charge: Administrative Support

Kristina Huff, Ashlee Logsdon, & Claire Jennings

Empowerment, when an organization gets it right at all levels, great things can happen. Let’s talk about how empowerment in the workplace plays out no matter your role. (Administrative Support focus)

Creative Team Q&A: Communications, Live Production, and Worship

Solomon Ross, Josh Hickman, Josiah Funderburk, & Matthew Harris
Tent C

This Lunch and Learn session will help to deepen your understanding of the impact of creative arts within the church. We will have representatives from our Worship, Live Production and Communications teams to field your questions.

Diversity in Women's Ministry: Creating Space for all Women

ReShea Lozano, Samantha Golden, Hannah Etsebeth, Janna Briggs, & Martita Lynch
Tent A

This panel discussion centered lunch and learn will focus on building a welcoming and successful women's ministry, inclusive of all women regardless of their age, shape, size, ethnicity, etc., by providing a platform for fostering belonging, empowerment, and unity. We will dive into the strategy behind a successful women's ministry, and every woman's "part" in building God's kingdom.

Outreach: Building Relationships With Outreach Partners

Chelsea Fordham and Outreach Partners
Tent B

Join us as we talk about what it looks like to partner with local nonprofits to transform your communities with the hope of the Gospel! We will hear from several nonprofit organizations Gateway Church partners with about what is looks like to partner together to discover the needs of our communities, mobilize the body of Christ, and see our communities changed.


Film Tour

Worship Wing

Gateway’s film director and an animator give an overview of our weekend-related film production process and explain the post-production team’s roles. *Registration is required.

Lighting Tour

Worship Wing

Explore equipment and systems used at Gateway, such as Resolume software, and working through stage design and rigging. There will be time dedicated to questions at the end of the tour. *Registration is required.

Video Tour

Worship Wing

Learn more about the equipment used at Gateway, our goals for broadcast and IMAG, and website and campus streaming. There will be time dedicated to questions at the end of the tour. *Registration is required.

Audio Tour

Worship Wing

This tour will give an overview of the equipment used at Gateway, our standard practice for mixing, broadcast audio, and how we partner with the worship team. There will be time for questions at the end of the tour. *Registration is required.

Children's Ministry Tour


Learn more about our mission to see children develop an intimate relationship with God by having fun and learning about Him! We’ll explore how Gateway makes this vision a reality through special events, weekend services, and a healthy kids ministry team. *Registration is required.

General Production Tour

Worship Wing

This is an opportunity to receive a broad overview of each of Gateway’s production areas from a live production director. Come prepared with questions! *Registration is required.

Table Talks

Join our Next Gen, Connect, and Adult Ministries staff to ask questions and collaborate with other people.

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