Conference Opportunities




Build Better for Less

Mike Foltynski

Gateway has been on a journey to solve every building project coming in over budget and past schedule. We believe we're on to something that is bearing fruit saving us millions of dollars. If you're interested in hearing how to build better for less come join us.

Know The One: Using CDPs, Customized Messaging, and Owned Data as Tools for Discipleship

Brett Huckins
The Mix

In this session you will learn how we began to dream about knowing our congregation in a deeper way! We want to meet everyone exactly where they are and deliver the right message to the right person at just the right time to encourage them further in community and their walk with God.

Raising Up the Next Generation

Chelsea Seaton
Tent C

Join us as we discuss creative ministry strategies to reach students and young adults in today’s world. In this workshop, we will hear from Gateway NextGen Ministries leaders on best practices that help engage this generation with all that God is calling them to.

Women in Ministry

Bridgette Morris
Tent B

In this workshop we will cover all things women in ministry, both in leadership and the how-tos of Women’s Ministry.

What All Pastors Need to Know

Tom Lane

Pastoral Ministry is a God given assignment for us to help people on their journey with God. Our ministry development requires skills that every pastor needs for ministry. They are the basic tools that are required despite the specific ministry role you fill. This session will cover 7 practical ministry tools that every pastor needs to fulfill his ministry assignment.

Rhythm and Responsibilities, How to Avoid Burnout

David Vestal

There are more and more pastors leaving the ministry annually than ever before. The most common reason given is burn-out. How can this be avoided? Knowing our responsibilities and maintaining a healthy rhythm is important to our emotional health. This session will give real life examples of what it takes to finish strong.

Being a Clear Leader in Unclear Times

Todd Lane

Organizations go through uncertain seasons. Sometimes the vision is clear, but the strategy to accomplish it is unclear. No matter what type of uncertainty it is, there is always an opportunity for a leader to bring clarity.

Worship Administration

David Thompson, Michael Bethany, Amber Rhoades, & Austin Benjamin
Tent A

Come gain insights from our worship leadership team on managing volunteers, schedules, evaluations, coaching, set-lists, music directors, vocal directors, how to access our free training tools, and general guidelines for our weekend platform. You’ll learn practical tips and be able to ask questions at the end.


Discipleship & the “Calling” on All Men

Chris Griffin

Join us as we take a deeper dive into the definition of a biblical man. We will explore the “calling” the Lord has placed on all men, and then offer some of the practical ways in which we as Gateway men disciple every day.

God Still Speaks to Kids

Tom Lane and Wayne Drain

We know that God still speaks to us, but with all the noise in the world, how do we teach the next generation to hear His voice? In their new book, He Still Speaks To Kids, Pastors Tom Lane & Wayne Drain show you how to help young people know God and hear His voice. One word from God can change everything!

Church Strategies, Insights and Innovations

Thomas Miller
The Mix

This workshop will focus on strategies for accomplishing your church vision; aligning and empowering staff and volunteers; and achieving new goals for growth in this post-pandemic world.

Connecting the Heart and Mind for Ministry

James Morris
Tent C

In this class, we learn how to engage our hearts and minds within our roles in order to be more effective in leading staff and connecting with members.

Campus Worship Pastor Roles

David Thompson, Matthew Harris, Jamie Whisenhunt, David Mwonga, & Anna Byrd
Tent B

Come gain insights from our Campus Worship Pastors and NextGen Worship Pastors on hosting the presence of the Lord, building a healthy mature ministry team, gathering creatives and musicians, developing vocal leads, creating worship set-lists, on-boarding processes, and serving beyond the platform. You’ll learn practical tips and be able to ask questions at the end.

Balancing Marriage and Ministry

Mark and Sandy Jobe
Tent A

When the demands of family and church seem to pull at you from every angle. How do you prioritize both and keep your sanity?

Greenhouse Growth | Cultivating Safe Places

Elizabeth Settle

Our quality of life and ministry depends on healthy relationships. How can we become the kind of people who create safe places for ourselves and others? Together we’ll explore how to be that kinds of person, a greenhouse: a space for cultivation and flourishing.

How to Be a Spiritual Leader and Stay Sane

Byron Copeland

What are you carrying by yourself? It’s time to share the burden of life. Why? Because even Jesus didn’t carry his own cross. He was too weak, bruised and broken both mentally and physically. Simon carried the cross for Jesus and this is a picture of how we are to live. We will discover together how much God cares about us, how He did the hard part and that He is saying We Can Do It!


Center for Israel's Virtual Reality Tour

Gateway Center for Israel is hosting an in-person Virtual Reality tour of Israel during Gateway Conference. We’ve decided to bring Israel to YOU! Enhance your biblical understanding by retracing the steps of Jesus in Israel.  Locations such as Bethlehem, Galilee, and Jerusalem will come alive through this amazing immersive VR video experience.

Communications Tour

Communications exists to support the vision of Gateway Church through weekend services support, churchwide communication, and brand consistency. We help get the right message to the right person at the right time. We also partner with campus development for new campus launches and partner with the central team on creative campaigns and marketing solutions. Join the tour to hear about branding, internal & external marketing, photography, and more!

Kid's Ministry Tour

We desire to see children, birth through elementary age, develop an intimate relationship with God by having fun and learning about Him through Gateway Kids Services, Summer Event, Move Up Weekend, Child Dedication, and the Jewel Store. We create opportunities for kids to believe in Jesus, belong to family, become disciples (or followers), and build God’s kingdom in fun and interactive ways. Join to hear about all of our events, weekends, and how to run a healthy Kid’s Ministry.

Live Production Tour

The role of the live production team is to steward the atmosphere, helping attendees believe in Jesus, belong to family, become followers, and build God’s kingdom. Join the tour to hear about how to operate audio & visual, production, lighting, and stage design, and more!

Table Talks


Purple Section - Lunch Tent

This is a great opportunity to meet with Gateway Connect pastors face-to-face, ask questions and collaborate with other people who are doing what you do. This includes: Outreach, Care, Prison, Guest Experience, and Spanish.

Adult Ministry

Orange Section - Lunch Tent

This is a great opportunity to meet with Gateway Adult Ministry pastors face-to-face, ask questions and collaborate with other people who are doing what you do. This includes: Groups, Equip, Jewish, Women's, and Men's Ministries.

Next Gen

Yellow Section - Lunch Tent

This is a great opportunity to meet with Gateway Next Gen pastors face-to-face, ask questions and collaborate with other people who are doing what you do. This includes: Kid's, Students, and Young Adults Ministries.

Lunch N' Learns


Welcome Home! | Prison Ministry

Stephen Wilson
Tent C

Reentry is the key to reducing recidivism and it starts “behind the walls”. You will learn how Gateway prison campuses function and how we integrate formerly incarcerated individuals and their families in our campuses.

Discovering Leadership Harmony: Men and Women in Ministry

Jon Chasteen, Rhonda Davis & Mallory Bassham
Tent B

While many male pastors support the idea of women in ministry, they find themselves uncertain about how to intentionally make space for and wisely work alongside female leaders. Join president of The King’s University and lead pastor of Victory Church, Dr. Jon Chasteen as he hosts a panel discussion on how to embrace these tensions and lead better together.

Maximizing Your Impact in the Community: Partnering with Local Non-Profits

Laura Crate
Tent A

As the people of God, we are called to reach out and be a light in the communities around us. Join us in talking about how your church can maximize your impact in your communities through strategic partnership with non-profits, mobilizing resources, and empowering God's people.


The Need for a Church Network and Relational Connection

Gateway Church Network Panel
The Mix

Find out the importance of being part of a church network, the power of relationship, and seeing the glory of God advancing through His church

Let's Go to Israel!

Nic Lesmeister
Tent B

Gateway Center for Israel invites you to learn how you can take trips to Israel. Get connected with trustworthy tourism professionals, learn how Gateway Church does Israel tours, and pick up resources to help your church understand God's heart for Israel.

Content Curation for NextGen Ministries

Tyler Bates
Tent A

Let’s be real, what does “content” even mean? In today’s day and age, that word can range between, videos, graphics, social media and everything in-between. Join us as we discuss the process of curating engaging ministry content that reaches the NextGeneration.

Pastor's Wives Lunch N' Learn

Debbie Morris & Panel

Join us for insightful conversation regarding balancing ministry, work, and life. Hear from a panel of diverse women as well as participate in authentic Q & A.


No Registration Required

Strategic Planning and Execution: Creating Alignment and Follow-Through at all levels of your organization.

Luke Denton

In this breakout you will learn how we are challenging the traditional approach to strategic planning, and doing deep work to keep our vision and mission at the forefront of everything we do. We will discuss how to avoid and overcome the obstacles that keep our focus scattered and our teams busy with many “good things” that don’t actually move our mission forward. We will also explore some practical steps to building a cohesive system of consistent evaluation, alignment, planning, execution, and accountability.

Developing a Robust Communications Team

Clint Lewis

No matter the size or experience of your communications team, in this session you will learn practical ways to help the team develop and grow. We will look at ways to operate more effectively and efficiently, while increasing productivity. And, we will introduce ways your team can grow strong and healthy spiritually, relationally and professionally.

The Greenhouse: How to Raise and Empower High Capacity Leaders

Jelani Lewis

One of the greatest challenges for any leader, church, or organization is the development of high capacity leaders. In this session, we will identify several key components for engaging, equipping, and empowering staff and volunteers and creating environments/cultures that are conducive for growth.

Don’t Apologize for Teaching On Money

David Thompson

What should pastors teach on money? Are there topics to avoid? How can I teach my people God’s word, yet avoid the hyper prosperity message? This session will share God’s heart for stewardship, finances, and giving. It will give you some introductory tools and motivation to share the fullness of Scripture with the people God has entrusted you to lead.

You Love Israel… Now What?

Nic Lesmeister

Churches around the world are discovering the Bible’s priority for Israel & the Jewish people. But beyond praying for Israel, going to Israel, or giving towards Israel, how can churches integrate this love for the Jewish people into their culture? Learn the practical things Gateway does to prioritize Israel in our church, and why Pastor Robert claims this has been a key to God blessing our ministry.

Expanding Your Reach in Your Community

Laura Crate

Scripture is clear that the people of God are called to reach out and be a light in their community. Join us in talking about how you and your church can engage in Christ-centered transformation through strategic community relationships, mobilizing resources, and empowering God's people.

How to Live within Margins

Todd Bolt

Margin is one of those ideas or concepts most people aspire to but very few achieve.  In a culture where speed, “burning the candle at both ends”, and pursuing growth and goals at a personal cost is accepted and sometimes valued, embracing the principle of margin feels counterintuitive.  What if there was a better perspective?  Living a life with margin begins with the end in mind.

Guest Experience Extraordinaire

Jeremy Meister

Why is an extraordinary Guest Experience so important? What are the critical elements of an extraordinary Guest Experience? How can you take your Guest Experience to the next level? In this session, learn the answers to these questions and more.

From the Church House to Your House: A Theology of Why We Gather

Marcus Brecheen

Many people are opting out of a weekly trip to their church house. Let’s explore together why healthy Christianity requires both personal devotion and corporate fellowship.

Managing Your Church's Upcoming Crisis

Lawrence Swicegood + David Middlebrook

Every church and every organization will have a crisis. It's not IF.  It's WHEN.  The type of crisis, the scope of the crisis, the impact of crisis will vary. How you respond, when you respond, who responds, all greatly matter. Learn the nuances of crisis management and how to successfully navigate these troubled waters.