Joakim Lundqvist

Senior Pastor

Word of Life Church

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist is the Senior Pastor of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden. Even in this extremely secularized nation, the church has grown to over 3000 and has become the mother church of on international network of over 800 churches worldwide. Ps Joakim is the director of Word of Life one-year Bible School in Uppsala, Sweden, that has graduated more than 12.000 students in Sweden and 37.000 worldwide. He is also the founder of New Generation - a organization encouraging students in secondary/high schools and universities to come together for prayer and sharing theGospel. New Generation now has 15.000 members in Sweden and 25.000 worldwide. Ps Joakim is a highly appreciated speaker, having visited over 50 nations sharing his passion of inspiring believers to make a difference for Jesus in their own world. His 30+ years of experience in youth ministry shines through in his creative messages that have the ability to reach and relate to every generation. Ps Joakim is the author of four books that has been translated to several languages.

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